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Electrical fast transient Burst Generator

The UCS 500N5 ultra-compact simulator is the most versatile tester to cover transient and power fail requirements according to international standards (basic and generic standards) and product/product family standards.

All in one - all what you need for your tests
The power mains supply for the controls and for the DUT is separate to render it more flexible to use with different DUT supply voltages
The UCS 500N5 can be operated manually from the front panel or by remote via the built-in USB or GPIB interface.

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Electrostatic Discharge Simulator with Gun

The EM Test ESD NX30 electrostatic discharge simulator is an easy-to-use tester. It consists of a power supply unit and the discharge gun, operated from the discharge gun. It generates electrostatic discharges up to 30 kV in both air and contact discharge mode.

Color touch display
Discharges up to 25 Hz
Switchable Bleed-Off function
80 easy-to-change R/C-networks and tips
Test voltage up to 30 kV for air and contact discharge

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Ultra Compact Simulator

The UCS 500N7.2 ultra-compact simulator is the most versatile tester to cover transient and power fail requirements according to international standards (basic and generic standards) and product/ product family standards with voltage capability of up to 7.0 kV. Apart from the IEC/EN 61000-4-5 standard for surge testing it also complies to ANSI/IEEE C62.41 for surge testing.

The UCS 500N7 includes everything necessary to conduct fully compliant tests at levels that go far beyond common test requirements.
Pre-programmed Standard Test routines allow highest user convenience.
The software is automatically configured according to the connected EM TEST generators.
Front panel menu and function keys enable the user to program his test routines quickly and accurately.

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SAC 3 L Plus

The SAC-3 Plus is Frankonia’s most versatile full compliant EMC testing solution at 3,0 m measuring distance with a Quiet Zone (QZ) up to ø2,0 m. It is adapted for full compliant emission and immunity testing. The innovatively shaped roof, called dome design, with its optimized absorber layout leads to minimized reflections and offers outstanding performance for NSA, SVSWR and FU.

Make Frankonia(Germany)
Frequency 80 MHz to 6 GHz
Amplitude: 10 V/m @ 3 m Distance
EUT Voltage AC: 0-415 L-L AC

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EMI receiver

TheR&S®ESR is an EMI test receiver for the frequency range from 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz and complies with the CISPR 16-1-1 standard. It measures electromagnetic disturbances with the conventional stepped frequency scan or – at an extremely high speed – with an FFT-based time domain scan.

Compliant with CISPR 16-1-1 Ed. 3.1
Preselection with integrated 20 dB preamplifier
Standard-compliant disturbance measurements
FFT-based time domain scan for ultra-fast measurements (option)
Realtime spectrum analysis for detailed investigation of disturbances (option)
EMI test receiver and signal/spectrum analyzer combined in a single instrument

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ENV 432

The R&S®ENV432 four-line V-network meets the requirements of CISPR 16‑1‑2, EN 55016-1-2 and ANSI C63.4 for V-networks with a simulated impedance of (50 μH + 5 Ω) || 50 Ω in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 30 MHz.

Frequency range from 9 kHz to 30 MHz
Air-core design and artificial hand
Built-in 10 dB attenuator pad
Built-in pulse limiter (can be switched off)
Power-handling capacity up to 32 A, constant current

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Magnetic Field generator

PMM 1008 is a magnetic field generator system at power frequency. The generator is a current generator and the indication of the field is obtained considering the antenna factor, the system includes the antenna formed by one coil and the antenna mast.

360° coil rotation angle
Standard, custom and ramp tests
Safety interlock and protection
Square loop antennas of 1 - 1,5 - 2 m
Programmable 1200 A current generator with output feedback

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VDI Generator

Electronic and electrical equipment may be affected by voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations of the power supply. Dips and interruptions are caused by faults in the public supply network, in installations or by sudden large change of load.

Front panel menu and function keys enable the user to program his test routines quickly and accurately.
Unlike any other Power Fail simulator the EM TEST PFS 503N Series represents a real three-phase Power Fail simulator.
phase-by-phase testing is possible but any combination of phases and all three phases can be simultaneously tested.
the PFS503N Series is equipped with six individually controlled semiconductor switches.

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Environmental Chamber ESPEC, Japan

AR series has a large tolerance for heat loads generated by the specimen, and achieves improved temperature change rate in an expanded temperature and humidity range.
The new N-instrumentation allows AR series chambers to support an easy-to-use networking system.

Stainless steel exterior
Specialized humidity generation and control
Unique thermal break construction for extreme testing
Casters, cable port, shelf, & USB port standard
ETL-listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A
Energy-efficient refrigeration with exclusive electronic expansion valve system

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Vibration Tester

An Electrodynamic Shaker has two separate coils, one is stationary and the other is dynamic. A stationary coil or Field Coil helps in magnetising the iron to produce magnetic field lines and current flowing in the dynamic coil or Armature Coil interacts with these magnetic field lines to produce motion. This principle of magnetism is based on Maxwell’s Right Hand Rule and Fleming’s Left Hand Rule.

Complies with EMC, Low Voltage and Machinery Directives under CE
Compatible with all standard Vibration Controllers
Air mounts between the base and ground for isolation
PC based Power Amplifier Remote
Trunnion mounted shaker for operation in vertical and horizontal position

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HV Tester

Model HV-50 is very convenient to operate. Test can be actuated using only one control switch provided conveniently on one of the test prod. The same control switch controls reset function in case the breakdown causes trip. More over, on completion of test, device under test gets discharged as the voltage gradually returns to zero volts.

Test Voltage: 0 to 5 Kilo Volts AC.
Accuracy : ±5% FSD
Current Limit : 0 to 30 Milli Amp. adjustable.
Test Period : Test period timer setting up to 60 Seconds in 10 Seconds increments. (Timer range as per customer's requirement can be provided.)

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Fluke 9100 : Universal Calibrator

The 9100’s unique procedure mode, which guides operators step-by-step through the entire calibration process, and you’ll not only calibrate more with less – you’ll do it faster. The 9100 is a multifunction calibrator with a breadth and depth of outputs never before available from a single calibration source.

Resistance 0 Ω to 400 MΩ ± 0,01%
Capacitance 500pF to 40mF ± 25%
Thermocouple and RTD- Simulation
Oscilloscope calibration up to 250 MHz bandwidth
Calibrates over 15 different categories of general-purpose test equipment

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Fluke 5500A : Universal Calibrator

The Fluke 5500A is a revolutionary product that addresses a wide cross-section of your electrical calibration work load. It sources direct voltage and current, alternating voltage and current with multiple waveforms and harmonics, two simultaneous voltage outputs or voltage and current, and simulates power with phase control, resistance, capacitance, thermocouples and RTDs. The 5500A's Oscilloscope Calibration options provide level sine wave, fast edge, time mark and amplitude signals for calibration of oscilloscopes up to 600 MHz.

DC voltage from 0 V to +1020 V.
AC voltage from 1 mV to 1020 V, with output from 10 Hz to 500 kHz.
AC current from 0.01 µA to 11.0 A, with output from 10 Hz to 10 kHz.
DC current from 0 to +11.0 A.
Resistance values from a short circuit to 330 MΩ.
Capacitance values from 330 pF to 1100 µF.
Simulated output for three types of Resistance

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Zera – RMM3000 : Reference Meter

The Reference Multimeter RMM can be used for for current, voltage phase angle aud power measurement. Also energy comparison measurements of electricity meters via pulse input is possible The RMM can be usend for single and polyphase applications.

Reference multimeter
Accuracy class 0.02
Measurements of DC components
High accuracy in all measurement modes
Reference standard for metrological institutes
For testing both ammeters and voltmeters as well as single-phase and multi-phase power and energy meters

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Universal Calibrator for Power Quality Analyzer - Omicron 256 plus

The CMC 256plus is the first choice for applications requiring very high accuracy. This unit is not only an excellent test set for protection devices of all kinds but also a universal calibration tool.

Protection test set and universal calibrator in one device
Front panel control with the unique CMControl (option)
Testing of all relay generations – electromechanical, static, numerical, IEC 61850
Highly accurate test signals. For meter testing: The sources are the reference – no additional reference meters are required
Continuous synchronized outputs with CMIRIG-B (e.g. for PMU or MU testing)
Test Universe software with unrivaled manual and automated testing functionality

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Zera Test Bench

Optional 10 test positions including ICT can be supplied with the same source system if current amplifier VI222 (output power: 1200 VA @ 120 A; test current: 0 ... 120 A (AC)) is integrated instead of VI221.

Accuracy class 0.02
Output power I 3 x 600 VA *
Output power U 3 x 500 VA
Test voltage P N 40 ... 320 V (AC/DC)

Components :
Control cabinet
Frequency generator (FG301)
Voltage amplifier (VU221)
Current amplifier (VI221)
Reference standard (EPZ303)
Fan unit with control
Main switch